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Things Have Changed.

I Quit Life Coaching..... AND



For the last 12 months, life coaching and I had not been tied at the hip as before. And after 3.5 years working with women on an intimate level, I must place that binder on the shelf. 


I have loved every bit of the journey, learned many lessons and skills along the way, but after some deep reflection and cleansing this year "LOTS OF IT", the next item on my list was this avenue.


So I would like to say thank you. Thank you for being on this ride with me. Thank you for supporting me in any way you might have "even by reading this post". I deeply appreciate it. 

What's next, I took 4 steps back and will continue to create my content but in a more relaxed and inspiring way, so don't worry, I won't disappear from the internet for good. 


I have changed my domain & blog name from Menellia Valcent to officially Bonjour To Life "I dropped some hints along the way over the last 12 months", I've deleted all my pages relating to coaching and programs, and I've cleaned up quite a bit on the web platform. It's been a task.


I am excited about this new chapter and would love to leave you with a gift. First off, I wish you all the best in your own life journey. Keep focusing, keep showing up, keep creating goals that light you up. And above all, keep living your best life. 

There may be times when you want to give up, it's ok to take breaks, reflect and start again, and it's also ok to close some chapters that might no longer be fulfilling you. Whatever you do, ensure that it's for your well being and the well being of those around you. 


Also, maybe you have been eyeing one of my lifestyle & mindset courses but didn't have the funds available. So I've dropped the prices of both The Life Audit Bootcamp & The Salon by 50% "Now $19 + $23 respectively". If you would like to access, visit here. 



If you would like to continue this journey with me..

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